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Quotable MisesThis database of quotations from Mises was prepared for The Quotable Mises edited by Mark Thornton, available from the Mises Institute store for $20. Send corrections to the editor. Here is a source page on the editions of the books referenced.

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Ludwig von MisesGovernment spending cannot create additional jobs. If the government provides the funds required by taxing the citizens or by borrowing from the public, it abolishes on the one hand as many jobs as it creates on the other.Planned Chaos pp. 2021Unemployment
Ludwig von MisesIt is obviously futile to attempt to eliminate unemployment by embarking upon a program of public works that would otherwise not have been undertaken. The necessary resources for such projects must be withdrawn by taxes or loans from the application they would otherwise have found. Unemployment in one industry can, in this way, be mitigated only to the extent that it is increased in another.Liberalism p. 85Unemployment
Ludwig von MisesLabor is more scarce than material factors of production.Human Action p. 136; p. 136Unemployment
Ludwig von MisesMass unemployment is not proof of the failure of capitalism, but the proof of the failure of traditional union methods.Planning for Freedom p. 13Unemployment
Ludwig von MisesOn a free labor market wage rates tend toward a height at which all employers ready to pay these rates can find all the men they need and all the workers ready to work for this rate can find jobs. There prevails a tendency toward full employment.Planning for Freedom p. 84Unemployment
Ludwig von MisesThere prevails on a free labor market a tendency toward full employment.Planning for Freedom p. 153Unemployment
Ludwig von MisesThe result of the governments and the unions meddling with the height of wage rates cannot be anything else than an incessant increase in the number of unemployed.Planning for Freedom p. 192Unemployment
Ludwig von MisesPermanent mass unemployment destroys the moral foundations of the social order. The young people, who, having finished their training for work, are forced to remain idle, are the ferment out of which the most radical political movements are formed. In their ranks the soldiers of the coming revolutions are recruited.Socialism p. 440Unemployment
Ludwig von MisesThe need of society for labor is never satisfied.Socialism p. 129Unemployment
Ludwig von MisesIt is not capitalism which is responsible for the evils of permanent mass unemployment, but the policy which paralyses its working.Socialism p. 441Unemployment
Ludwig von MisesThere is but one remedy for lasting unemployment of great masses; the abandonment of the policy of raising wage rates by government decree or by the application or the threat of violence.Omnipotent Government p. 65Unemployment
Ludwig von MisesUnemployment doles can have no other effect than the perpetuation of unemployment.Socialism p. 440Unemployment Insurance
Ludwig von MisesAssistance granted to the unemployed does not dispose of unemployment. It makes it easier for the unemployed to remain idle.Human Action p. 770; p. 776Unemployment Insurance
Ludwig von MisesFor the unemployed to be granted support by the government or by the unions only serves to enlarge the evil. If what is involved is a case of unemployment springing from dynamic changes in the economy, then the unemployment benefits only result in postponing the adjustment of the workers to the new conditions.Liberalism p. 84Unemployment Insurance