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Ludwig von Mises: "Despots and democratic majorities are drunk with power. They must reluctantly admit that they are subject to the laws of nature. But they reject the very notion of economic law . . . economic history is a long record of government policies that failed because they were designed with a bold disregard for the laws of economics." - Austrian Economics: An Anthology

Quotable MisesThis database of quotations from Mises was prepared for The Quotable Mises edited by Mark Thornton, available from the Mises Institute store for $20. Send corrections to the editor. Here is a source page on the editions of the books referenced.

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Ludwig von MisesIf it were really possible to substitute credit expansion (cheap money) for the accumulation of capital goods by saving, there would not be any poverty in the world.Planning for Freedom p. 190Money Supply
Ludwig von MisesDepression is the aftermath of credit expansion.Planning for Freedom p. 7Money Supply
Ludwig von MisesIf you increase the quantity of money, you bring about the lowering of the purchasing power of the monetary unit.Economic Policy p. 66Money Supply
Ludwig von MisesThe quantity of money available in the whole economy is always sufficient to secure for everybody all that money does and can do.Human Action p. 418; p. 421Money Supply
Ludwig von MisesNo increase in the welfare of the members of a society can result from the availability of an additional quantity of money.The Theory of Money and Credit p. 102Money Supply
Ludwig von MisesNo nation need fear at any time to have less money than it needs.The Theory of Money and Credit pp. 208-09Money Supply
Ludwig von MisesIn all countries where inflation has been rapid, it has been observed that the decrease in the value of the money has occurred faster than the increase in its quantity.The Theory of Money and Credit p. 259Money Supply
Ludwig von MisesThe entrepreneurs who approach banks for loans are suffering from shortage of capital; it is never shortage of money in the proper sense of the word.The Theory of Money and Credit p. 349Money Supply