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Ludwig von Mises: "In relation to the immense sacrifices that the state demands of the individual through the blood tax, it seems rather incidental whether it compensates the soldier more or less abundantly for the loss of time that he suffers from his military-service obligation." - Nation, State, and Economy

Quotable MisesThis database of quotations from Mises was prepared for The Quotable Mises edited by Mark Thornton, available from the Mises Institute store for $20. Send corrections to the editor. Here is a source page on the editions of the books referenced.

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Ludwig von MisesInterest is the difference in the valuation of present goods and future goods; it is the discount in the valuation of future goods as against that of present goods.Planning for Freedom pp. 187-88Interest rate
Ludwig von MisesThe height of the market rate of interest ultimately does not depend on the whims, fancies, and the pecuniary interests of the personnel operating the government apparatus of coercion and compulsion, the much-referred-to public sector of the economy.Planning for Freedom p. 188Interest rate
Ludwig von MisesIt cannot be denied that everyone is inclined...to overestimate his own credit rating, and call the rates demanded by creditors too high.A Critique of Interventionism p. 49Interest rate
Ludwig von MisesPublic opinion always wants easy money, that is, low interest rates.A Critique of Interventionism p. 163Interest rate
Ludwig von MisesThere cannot be any question of abolishing interest by any institutions, laws, or devices of bank manipulation...such decrees would bring about capital consumption and would very soon throw mankind back into the original state of natural poverty.Human Action p. 529; p. 532Interest rate
Ludwig von MisesThe expectation of rising prices thus has the tendency to make the gross rate of interest rise, while the expectation of dropping prices makes it drop.Human Action p. 540; p. 543Interest rate
Ludwig von MisesThe greater the fund of means of subsistence in a community, the lower the rate of interest.The Theory of Money and Credit p. 386Interest rate