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Ludwig von Mises: "Great conflicts of ideas must be solved by straight and frank methods; they cannot be solved by artifices and makeshifts." - Planning for Freedom

Quotable MisesThis database of quotations from Mises was prepared for The Quotable Mises edited by Mark Thornton, available from the Mises Institute store for $20. Send corrections to the editor. Here is a source page on the editions of the books referenced.

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Ludwig von MisesThe real bosses, in the capitalist system of market economy, are the consumers.Bureaucracy pp. 20-21Consumer
Ludwig von MisesThose underlings who in all the preceding ages of history had formed the herds of slaves and serfs, of paupers and beggars, became the buying public, for whose favor the businessmen canvass. They are the customers who are always right, the patrons who have the power to make poor suppliers rich and rich suppliers poor.The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality p. 2Consumer
Ludwig von MisesThe consumers are merciless. They never buy in order to benefit a less efficient producer and to protect him against the consequences of his failure to manage better. They want to be served as well as possible. And the working of the capitalist system forces the entrepreneur to obey the orders issued by the consumers.Bureaucracy p. 37Consumer
Ludwig von MisesGo into the home of the average American family and you will see for whom the wheels of the machines are turning.Liberty and Property p. 22Consumer Sovereignty
Ludwig von MisesWhat vitiates entirely the socialists economic critique of capitalism is their failure to grasp the sovereignty of the consumers in the market economy.Liberty and Property p. 13Consumer Sovereignty