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Are You an Austrian?

(44,379 have taken this quiz.)

MiseshayekTake the following quiz of 25 questions on economic issues (or go to truncated 10-question version). There is also a Spanish and French version.

Click on the answer that most describes your view. You must answer all 25. Submit your quiz, and get your score emailed to you. There will be no follow up emails. (Q&A prepared with the assistance of Randall Holcombe, Peter G. Klein, Robert Murphy, D.W. MacKenzie, Joseph Stromberg, Mark Thornton, and many others who have suggested improvements in wording-none of whom bear final responsibility for the answers.)

The method and scoring of the quiz will be revealed once you submit your answers.

  1. What is the correct economic status of private property?

  2. What is the proper method to conduct research in economic science?

  3. What is the reason for the interest rate, and should the rate be regulated?

  4. What is the economic impact of saving?

  5. What is the source of economic value?

  6. What is money and how does it originate?

  7. What causes the business cycle?

  8. What is the right anti-recession policy?

  9. How viable is socialism?

  10. What is the proper size and scope of government?

  11. Who should regulate consumer products and how?

  12. What are wages?

  13. What causes economic growth?

  14. What is your view of economics and the environment?

  15. What do taxes fund?

  16. What caused the Great Depression and how effective was the New Deal?

  17. Do markets create and sustain monopolies and what should be done about it?

  18. What is the role of equality and inequality?

  19. What is your view of free trade and globalization?

  20. What is the function of the stock market?

  21. What are labor unions for?

  22. What are the economic implications of national defense?

  23. What about goods like education and roads?

  24. What are the economic implications of warfare?

  25. Who serves society best?

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