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Advancing the scholarship of liberty in the tradition of the Austrian School for 30 years

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These papers are not in final form and are not available for publication. Authors welcome comments. If you have a paper, not yet submitted to a journal, to submit to this site, send it as an attachment to Workingpapers@mises.org. Format: Word, NewTimes, footnotes or endnotes, 1.5 space, not justified, with abstract, and full contact information. Poorly formatted submissions will not be considered.


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A Possible Identification for Largiliere's Family Portrait: Artist and Family() Mark Thornton  
An Analysis of the Basic Concepts in Applied Mathematics(U.S. Geological Survey (retired)) Robert Crovelli  
Why Hayek Was Wrong on Concurrent Currencies(Warsaw School of Economics) Arkadiusz Sieroń 2/3/2011
Austrian Business Cycle Theory and Global Financial Crisis: Some Lessons for Macroeconomic Risk and Financial Stability((Karadeniz Technical University and Development Bank of Turkey)) Ersan Bocutoğlu and Aykut Ekinci 1/12/2011
Homer vs. the 18th Amendment(Mises Institute) Mark Thornton 12/16/2010
Austrian Economics: Application on Norwegian Business Cycles(Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration) Håkon Bjerkenes, Håkon Kiil, and Paal Anker-Nilssen 9/22/2010
An Essay on the Nature of Commerce((Saucier and Thornton)) Richard Cantillon (Beta translation) 1/12/2010
Human Rights and Economic Liberalization(Rhodes College) Art Carden 12/4/2009
On the Bearing of the Firm Analogy to Pirate Organization(University of Missouri) Per L. Bylund 12/2/2009
Lower bounds of discount rates for investment subjects(Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm) Sven-Eric Andersson 12/2/2009
The Economics of “Certaine Lewd and Ill-Disposed Persons”: Comment on Leeson(Rhodes College) Art Carden 12/2/2009
Capital Concepts as Insights into Neglect of Public Infrastructure(U.S. Department of the Interior) John Bratland 5/14/2009
An “Austrian” Interpretation of the Meaning of Austrian Economics: History, Methodology, and Theory(Trinity College) Richard Ebeling 4/5/2009
Recession Economics and Non-Neutral Money(Mount Olive College) Paul Cwik 3/31/2009
Against the Third Sector as a Contrivance of the State; an Historical and Economic Analysis of Charity as Market Response to Market Need(University of Alabama at Birmingham) Kevin A. Hodgkins 3/25/2009
Why Austrians Should Quit Worrying and Learn to Love the Lab(Suffolk University) Benjamin Powell 3/17/2009
“Je m’accuse!”or Unraveling Collective Financial Responsibility(City University of New York) Peter L.P. Simpson 3/6/2009
Austria-Hungary’s Economic Policies in the Twilight of the “Liberal” Era: Ludwig von Mises’ Writings on Monetary and Fiscal Policy before the First World War(Trinity College) Richard Ebeling 2/18/2009
The New Happiness Economics: An Austrian Critique(Trinity College) Richard Ebeling 2/17/2009
The Predatory State, by James K. Galbraith(Coast Guard Academy) D.W. MacKenzie 1/5/2009
The Cause of Japan’s Boom and The Reasons for Its Prolonged Bust(Columbia College) Benjamin Weingarten 12/29/2008
The Cause of Japan’s Boom and The Reasons for Its Prolonged Bust(Columbia College) Benjamin Weingarten December 28, 2008
A Rothbardian critique of Cuzán and Ostrowski and a Typology of Anarchy(Winnipeg, MB, Canada) Michael Wiebe 12/1/2008
The Mundane Economics of the Austrian School(University of Missouri) Peter G. Klein 10/9/2008
Time and Power(SUNY Plattsburgh) D.W. MacKenzie 9/4/2008
The Dropping of the Atomic Bomb: Truman's True Intentions(Christendom College) Dominick Abel Severance 8/28/2008
The Savings and Loan Mess: Repeating the Tragedy of the Commons(Atlanta, Georgia) Edmond G. Miranne, Jr. 7/24/2008
Liberation by Internet: How Technlogy Destroys Tyranny((Rational Argumentator)) Gennady Stolyarov II 7/24/2008
Economic Calculation and Limitless Organization(SUNY Plattsburgh) D.W. MacKenzie 6/24/2008
The Equilibrium Analysis of Mises, Hayek, and Lachmann(SUNY Plattsburgh) D.W. MacKenzie 5/9/2008
The Development of the Theory of Monopoly Price from Menger to Vernon Mund(Pace University) Joseph Salerno 5/7/2008
Starting Over: The Rebuilding of Catholic Social Teaching on Economics(Christendom College) William R. Luckey 3/28/2008
On Hayekian Triangles(Loyola University) Walter Block and William Barnett 3/26/2008
Is There Room for Intellectual Property Rights in Austrian Economics?(Mount Olive College) Paul Cwik 3/17/2008
Costly Discrimination and Ethnic Conflict: The Case of the Liberian Civil Wars(University of Mississippi) Andrew Young 2/29/2008
The Anti-Discrimination Paradigm(Austrialian National University) Ben O'Neill 2/21/2008
Credit Expansion, the Prisoner's Dilemma, and Free Banking as Mechanism Design((Brussells, Belgium)) Ludwig van den Hauwe 2/21/2008
Is Organized Labor A Decaying Business Model?(Madison University) Chris Mosquera 12/24/2007
When Debt Comes Calling: A Recent History of Financial Crises(Johannesburg, Gauteng) Sarel Oberholster 12/23/2007
Institutional Analysis in the Socialist Calculation Debate (SUNY Plattsburgh) DW MacKenzie 12/5/2007
Toward an A Priori Theory of International Relations(University of Colorado, Boulder) Mark R. Crovelli 11/28/2007
Economic Value and Costs Are Subjective(San Jose State University) Edward Stringham 11/20/2007
An Actuarial Analysis of Crime Data with Applications to Subscription Patrol and Restitution(Woodlands, TX and Georgia State University) Gil Guillory and Mike Blakeney 11/16/2007
Mises and Scheler: Two types of value theory and their possible interrelation(University of Hyogo, Akashi Campus) Mark Sunwall 11/16/2007
Against Utilitarian Arguments for Capitalism(Sydney, Australia) Benjamin Marks 10/16/2007
Trial and Error in the Socialist Calculation Debate(SUNY Plattsburgh) Doug MacKenzie 10/4/2007
From Lingua Franca to Spanglish. A Libertarian Approach to Natural Languages(Boston University) Paolo L. Bernardini 10/4/2007
Privatizing the Adjudication of Disputes(George Mason University and San Jose University) Bryan Caplan and Edward Stringham 9/17/2007
A Capital-Based Theory of Secular Growth(University of Mississippi) Andrew Young 9/3/2007
A Generalization and Critique of Hoppean Ethics(University of Mississippi) Andrew Young 8/8/2007
Buridans’s Ass and the Austrian Conception of Indifference(Center for Institutional Analysis and Development) Ionut Sterpan 5/21/2007
Capital and Income in Democratic Socialism(SUNY Plattsburgh) DW MacKenzie 5/15/2007
Humanitarian Intervention and the State(University of Colorado, Boulder) Mark R. Crovelli 5/9/2007
Cantillon the Anti-Mercantilist(Mises Institute; Auburn University) Mark Thornton 4/3/2007
An Austrian Foundation for Microeconomic Principles(Towson University) John Egger 4/2/2007
The Irony of Utopia(University of Dallas) Samuel Bostaph 3/28/2007
The Enduring Significance of Robbins(University of Dallas) Samuel Bostaph 3/28/2007
Does Globalization Cause Inequity Among Rich and Poor Nations?(Houston, Texas) M. Stephen Lucas 3/26/2007
The Entrepreneur: Real and Imagined(Pace University) Joseph Salerno 3/26/2007
Mises, Kirzner, and Knight on Uncertainty and Entrepreneurship: A Synthesis(George Mason University) Adam Martin 3/23/2007
Putting the Hayekian Horse Before the Keynesian Cart(Diapason Commodities Management) Sean Corrigan 3/21/2007
Austrian Business Cycle Theory: A Corporate Finance Point of View(Mount Olive College) Paul Cwik 3/20/2007
Historical Analysis of the Microeconomic Processes Associated with the Development of the Internet(Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) Massimiliano Neri 3/20/2007
The Legal Landscape for Subscription Patrol and Restitution in Texas(Woodlands, Texas) Gil Guillory 3/13/2007
Fractional Reserve banking and boom-bust cycles(Man Financial) Frank Shostak 2/28/2007
Inclined To Liberty(Newport Beach, California) Louis E. Carabini 2/9/2007
Extramural Education, An Interim Plan from State Schooling to Free Market Alternatives(The Learning Clinic) Linda Taylor 1/26/2007
Back to the Future: Discovering the importance of Austrian Economics as minor literature (Flint Hills Center for Public Policy ) Matt Hisrich 1/19/2007
The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry: An Analysis of Food Protectionism in Hungry Agrarian Countries(University of Buffalo) Leo Adrianus 1/16/2007
The Privately Funded Warships of the U. S. Navy: Blowing Holes in Public Goods Theory(Sul Ross University) Larry Sechrest 12/22/2006
The Neglected Costs of the Warfare State: An Austrian Tribute to Seymour Melman(Mises Institute) Thomas Woods 12/20/2006
What Austrian Economics Can Teach Historians(Mises Institute) Thomas Woods 12/20/2006
Mises vs. Fisher on Money, Method, and Prediction: The Case of the Great Depression(Mises Institute; Auburn University) Mark Thornton 12/19/2006
From Argumentation Ethics to Action Ethics: The Impossibility of Demonstrating Preference for Coercion as a Universalizable Ethical Norm(University of Rochester Simon Graduate School of Business) David J. Heinrich 12/11/2006
The Austrian Tent? A Rejoinder to Gallaway and Vedder (Loyola University, New Orleans) Walter Block and William Barnett II 12/11/2006
The Obviousness of Anarchy(Georgetown University) John Hasnas 12/4/2006
Intellectual Property and the Right to Private Property(Chapman University) Tibor Machan 12/1/2006
Frédéric Bastiat on Self-Interest(Hillsdale College) G. Stolyarov II 11/27/2006
Resource Exhaustibility: A Mythology Refuted an Entrepreneurial Capital Maintenance(Department of the Interior) John Brätland 11/2/2006
Complications in the Bohm- Bawerkian Concept of Average Periods of Production(University of Florida) Alexander Villacampa 10/29/2006
Corruption and Primary Accumulation of Capital in Transitional Economies(Geogian Foundation for Stategic and International Studies) Vladimer Papava 10/17/2006
A Ternary Diagram of Western Political Systems(URS Corp, Houston, TX) George E. Gregory 9/8/2006
Recreational Drug Prohibitions(Mises Institute; Auburn University) Mark Thornton 8/31/2006
The Mystery of Adam Smith's Invisible Hand Resolved(Mises Institute; Auburn University) Mark Thornton 8/31/2006
Human Rights and the Republican Moment: Insights from the Political Theory of Freedom(University of Alberta) Magdalena Zolkos 8/23/2006
Rejoinder to Hoppe on Indifference(Loyola University) Walter Block 8/8/2006
Ludwig von Mises and Hannah Arendt on Human Action(University of Colorado) Mark R. Crovelli 8/4/2006
Hazlitt vs. Hansen: Differences in the Analysis of Keynes(University of Florida) Alexander Villacampa 7/25/2006
Libertarianism is unique; it belongs neither to the right nor the left: a critique of many views(Loyola University, New Orleans) Walter Block 7/3/2006
A Basic Inquiry Into the Nature and Effects of Monetary Economics(University of Florida) Alexander Villacampa 6/14/2006
The Economics of Housing Bubbles(Mises Institute; Auburn University) Mark Thornton 6/12/2006
A Perspective on Post New Economy Business Cycle Behavior(University of Connecticut) Joseph Calandro 5/19/2006
The Mystery of Adam Smith Resolved(Mises Institute; Auburn University) Mark Thornton 5/15/2006
Rothbardian-Randian Ethics and the Coming Methodenstreit in Libertarian Ethical Science(Sequim, Washington) Adam Knott 3/29/2006
On the Viability of Subscription Patrol and Restitution Services((Woodlands, TX) ) Gil Guillory and Brian Drake 3/21/2006
Internal vs. external explanations: a new perspective on the history of economic thought((University of Loyola, New Orleans; Jacksonville State; Met State College of Denver) ) Walter Block, Christopher Westley, Alexandre Padilla 3/13/2006
Internal vs. external explanations: a new perspective on the history of economic thought((University of Loyola, New Orleans; Jacksonville State; Met State College of Denver) ) Walter Block, Christopher Westley, Alexandre Padilla 3/13/2006
The Theory of the Firm and Its Critics: A Stocktaking and Assessment(Copenhagen Business School and University of Missouri) Nicolai J. Foss and Peter G. Klein 3/9/2006
The Entrepreneurial Organization of Heterogeneous Capital(Copenhagen Business School and University of Missouri) Kirsten Foss, Nicolai J. Foss, Peter G. Klein, and Sandra K. Klein 3/9/2006
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