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Advancing the scholarship of liberty in the tradition of the Austrian School for 30 years

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The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics was nominally founded in 1998, but, in terms of its mission and guiding spirit, it is a continuation, in an expanded and improved form, of the first ten volumes of the semi-annual Review of Austrian Economics, whose founding editor was the late Murray N. Rothbard. The QJAE features the same editorial staff that succeeded Rothbard in the editorship of the RAE beginning with volume 8, number 2.

The mission now, as it was when it was adopted from Rothbard, is "to promote the development and extension of Austrian economics and to promote the analysis of contemporary issues in the mainstream of economics from an Austrian perspective."

Submissions and Editorial Board



Volume 12

Fama's Efficient Market Hypothesis and Mises's Evenly Rotating Economy: Comparative Constructs Howden David Vol. 12 Num. 2
Profit and Production Art Carden Vol. 12 Num. 2
Cantillon and the Invisible Hand Mark Thornton Vol. 12 Num. 2
Say's Law and the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle William L. Anderson Vol. 12 Num. 2
Comment on "A Capital-Based Theory of Secular Growth" Lucas M. Engelhart Vol. 12 Num. 2
A Capital-Based Theory of Secular Growth: Reply to Engelhardt Andrew T. Young Vol. 12 Num. 2
The Myth of the Rational Voter: Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies," by Bryan Caplan Mark Steinrich Vol. 12 Num. 2
The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World, by Alan Greenspan Greg Kaza Vol. 12 Num. 2