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The Ludwig von Mises Institute

Tu Ne Cede Malis

Advancing the scholarship of liberty in the tradition of the Austrian School for 30 years

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Published from 1977 to 2008, Volumes 1-21

Editorial Board

FOUNDING EDITOR: Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995); past Editors: Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Roderick T. Long; Managing Editor: Judith Thommesen; Publisher: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., Ludwig von Mises Institute 

Since its first issue in the Spring of 1977, the Journal of Libertarian Studies, founded by Murray N. Rothbard, has been the voice of scholarship in libertarian theory, was the major launching pad for every new idea that shaped the world of libertarianism, the preeminent forum for the airing of revisionist historical research on war and interventionism, and the primary venue for reconstruction of the history of ideas in terms of libertarian ideas. You can purchase back issues online.


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Volume 22

Revisiting "Do We Ever Really Get Out of Anarchy?" Alfred G. Cuzán Vol. 22 Num. 1
Reflections on Legal Polycentrism Gerard Casey Vol. 22 Num. 1
A Pure Libertarian Theory of Immigration Jan Krepelka Vol. 22 Num. 1
An Austrian Reexamination of Recent Thoughts on the Rise and Collapse of Societies John Brätland Vol. 22 Num. 1
The Negative Homesteading Theory: Rejoinder to Walter Block on Human Body Shields Carl Jakobsson Vol. 22 Num. 1
The Neglected Costs of the Warfare State: An Austrian Tribute to Seymour Melman Thomas E. Woods, Jr. Vol. 22 Num. 1
Libertarianism is Unique and Belongs Neither to the Right nor the Left: A Critique of the Views of Long, Holcombe, and Baden on the Left, Hoppe, Feser, and Paul of the Right Walter E. Block Vol. 22 Num. 1
A Critique of the Austrian approach to Holistic Concepts Gustavo Marqués Vol. 22 Num. 1
Immigrants: Intruders or Guests? A Reply to Hoppe and Kinsella Albert Esplugas Vol. 22 Num. 1
Solidarity Forever: The Power Invested in Worker Collectives Under United States Law Brian Shea Vol. 22 Num. 1
The Territorial Assumption: Rationale for Conquest Carl Watner Vol. 22 Num. 1
Reply to Block on Libertarianism is Unique Edward Feser Vol. 22 Num. 1
Freedom and Prosperity in Liechtenstein: A Hoppean Analysis Andrew Young Vol. 22 Num. 1
Is There a Distinct and Valid Libertarian Form of Historical Understanding? Gene Callahan Vol. 22 Num. 1
How the Peace Was Lost: Ignoring the Presidential Oath in 1964 and 2002–2003 Kenneth Michael White Vol. 22 Num. 1
Should the Government Regulate Insider Trading ? Alexandre Padilla Vol. 22 Num. 1
Two Irreconcilable Theories of Justice: Social Engineering vs. Ethics of Property Laurent Carnis Vol. 22 Num. 1
Gary Becker on Free Banking Ludwig van den Hauwe Vol. 22 Num. 1
John Maynard Keynes and Ludwig von Mises on Probability Ludwig van den Hauwe Vol. 22 Num. 1
Free Rider Problems in Insurance-Based Private Defense Robert Danneskjöld Vol. 22 Num. 1
Terri Schiavo Walter Block Vol. 22 Num. 1
Illiberal Libertarians: Why Libertarianism is Not a Liberal View, and a Good Thing Too; Reply to Samuel Freeman Walter Block Vol. 22 Num. 1
How Not to Defend the Market: A Critique of Easton, Miron, Bovard, Friedman and Boudreaux Walter Block Vol. 22 Num. 1
Hoppe, Kinsella and Rothbard II on Immigration: A Critique Walter Block Vol. 22 Num. 1
The Human Body Shield Walter Block Vol. 22 Num. 1
Rejoinder to Murphy and Callahan on Hoppe's Argumentation Ethics Walter Block Vol. 22 Num. 1
Rejoinder to Kinsella and Tinsley on Incitement, Causation, Aggression and Praxeology Walter Block Vol. 22 Num. 1
Toward a Libertarian Theory of Guilt and Punishment for the Crime of Statism Walter Block Vol. 22 Num. 1
Reveiw of The Myth of the Rational Voter: Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies by Bryan Caplan Walter Block Vol. 22 Num. 1
Reply to Hellmer on Sweatshops Walter Block Vol. 22 Num. 1
Anarchism and Minarchism; No Rapprochement Possible: Reply to Tibor Machan Walter Block Vol. 22 Num. 1
Rejoinder to Hoppe on Immigration Walter Block Vol. 22 Num. 1

Volume 21

Symposium on the 50th Anniversary of the Publication of Atlas Shrugged Roderick T. Long Vol. 21 Num. 4
Atlas Shrugged at Fifty Barbara Branden Vol. 21 Num. 4
Mises and Rothbard Letters to Ayn Rand Ludwig von Mises Vol. 21 Num. 4
Romanticism and Modern Fiction Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 21 Num. 4
Atlas Shrugged and the Importance of Dramatizing Our Values Geoffrey Allan Plauché Vol. 21 Num. 4
Money is the Product of Virtue: Tensions in Rand's Invocation of Market Success Jennifer Baker Vol. 21 Num. 4
If Men Were Angels: The Basic Analytics of the State versus Self-Government Robert Higgs Vol. 21 Num. 4
Rawlsian Investment Rules for "Intergenerational Equity": Breaches of Method and Ethics John Bratland Vol. 21 Num. 4
Toward an A Priori Theory of International Relations Mark R. Crovelli Vol. 21 Num. 4
Evolution and the Rule of Law: Hayek's Concept of Liberal Order Reconsidered Frank Daumann Vol. 21 Num. 4
Bastiat's "The Broken Window": A Critique Louis Carabini Vol. 21 Num. 4
Who's to Say What's Right or Wrong? People Who Have Ph.D.s in Philosophy, That's Who Richard Sharvy Vol. 21 Num. 3
On Immigration: Reply to Hoppe Anthony Gregory Vol. 21 Num. 3
An Alleged Contradiction in Nozick's Entitlement Theory Anna-Karin M. Andersson Vol. 21 Num. 3
Raymond Aron and the Intellectuals: Arguments Supportive of Libertarianism James R. Garland Vol. 21 Num. 3
Gray's Progress: From Liberalisms to Enlightenment's Wake Jeremy Shearmur Vol. 21 Num. 3
The Death and Life of a Reluctant Urban Icon. Review Essay of Jane Jacobs: Urban Visionary by ALice Sparberg Alexiou Pierre Desrochers Vol. 21 Num. 3
Medieval Schools: From Roman Britain to Renaissance England by Nicholas Orme Thomas E. Woods, Jr. Vol. 21 Num. 3
The Costs of Public Income Redistribution and Private Charity James Rolph Edwards Vol. 21 Num. 2
Democracy in America and the Possibilities for Law without the State Brian Smith Vol. 21 Num. 2
The Limits of Jacksonian Liberalism: Individualism, Dissent, and the Gospel of Andrew According to Lysander Spooner Raymond James Krohn Vol. 21 Num. 2
The Kelo Decision and the Fourteenth Amendment Laurence M. Vance Vol. 21 Num. 2
Eminent Doman and Economic Development: The Mill Acts and the Origins of Laissez-Faire Constitutionalism David M. Gold Vol. 21 Num. 2
Changing the Guard: Private Prisons and the Control of Crime, Alexander Tabarrok, ed. Daniel J. D'Amico Vol. 21 Num. 2
The Law of the Somalis: A Stable Foundation for Economic Development in the Horn of Africa by Michael van Notten; Spencer Heath MacCallum, ed. Norbert Lennartz Vol. 21 Num. 2
Editorial to Symposium: Market, Anarchism, Pro and Con Roderick T. Long Vol. 21 Num. 1
Nozick's Failed Defense of the Just State Eric Roark Vol. 21 Num. 1
Is Government Really Inevitable? Randall G. Holcombe Vol. 21 Num. 1
Rejoinder to Holcombe on the Inevitability of Government Walter Block Vol. 21 Num. 1
Anarchism and Minarchism; No Rapproachement Possible: Reply to Tibor Machan Walter Block Vol. 21 Num. 1
Defining Government, Begging the Question: An Answer to Walter Block's Reply Tibor Machan Vol. 21 Num. 1
Contra Anarcho-Capitalism Jordan Schneider Vol. 21 Num. 1
Anarchy Defended: Reply to Schneider Roderick T. Long Vol. 21 Num. 1

Volume 20

Rothbard as a Political Philosopher Marcus Verhaegh Vol. 20 Num. 4
Wresting Land from the Sea: An Argument Against Public Goods Theory Philipp Bagus Vol. 20 Num. 4
Re-Reading Thomson: Thomson's Unanswered Challenge Michael Watkins Vol. 20 Num. 4
Communism and the Ironic Value of Property in Italian Neo-Realist Cinema John R. Hamilton Vol. 20 Num. 4
Catastrophe: Risk and Response by Richard A. Posner J.H. Huebert Vol. 20 Num. 4
From Liberty to Democracy: The Transformation of American Government by Randall G. Holcombe Ludwig M.P. van den Hauwe Vol. 20 Num. 4
Nobility and Civility: Asian Ideals of Leadership and the Common Good by William T. de Bary and Realms of Freedom in Modern China by William D. Kirby, ed. Leigh Kathryn Jenco Vol. 20 Num. 4
Fallacies in the Theories of the Emergence of the State Bertrand Lemennicier Vol. 20 Num. 3
Without Firing a Single Shot: Societal Defense and Voluntaryist Resistance Carl Watner Vol. 20 Num. 3
The Cultural Degradation of Universal Education: The Educational Views of Robert Lewis Dabney Barry D. Simpson Vol. 20 Num. 3
Fanatical, Not Reasonable: A Short Correspondence between Walter Block and Milton Friedman Walter Block Vol. 20 Num. 3
In Defence of the Realm: The Place of Nations in Classical Liberalism by David Conway J.C. Lester Vol. 20 Num. 3
The Multiculturalism of Fear by Jacob Levy Marcus Verhaegh Vol. 20 Num. 3
Constitutional Chaos: What Happens When the Government Breaks its Own Laws by Andrew Napolitano William L. Anderson Vol. 20 Num. 3
Is The Wealth of Nations' Third Duty of the Sovereign Compatible with Laissez Faire? Valentin Petkantchin Vol. 20 Num. 2
Radio Free Rothbard B.K. Marcus Vol. 20 Num. 2
Hans-Hermann Hoppe's Argumentation Ethic: A Critique Robert P. Murphy Vol. 20 Num. 2
Review Essay of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. Jeffrey Rogers Hummel Vol. 20 Num. 2
Book Review of The Church Confronts Modernity: Catholic Intellectuals and the Progressive Era and The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. Samuel Bostaph Vol. 20 Num. 2
Book Review of Ayn Rand by Tibor Machan Robert Bass Vol. 20 Num. 2
Editorial to Symposium Issue on Studies in Mutualist Political Economy Roderick T. Long Vol. 20 Num. 1
The Spooner-Tucker Doctrine: An Economist's View Murray N. Rothbard Vol. 20 Num. 1
The Labor Theory of Value: A Critique of Carson's Studies in Mutualist Political Economy Robert P. Murphy Vol. 20 Num. 1
Kevin Carson as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Walter Block Vol. 20 Num. 1
Freedom is Slavery: Laissez-Faire Capitalism is Government Intervention: A Critique of Kevin Carson's Studies in Mutualist Political Economy George Reisman Vol. 20 Num. 1
Land-Locked: A Critique of Carson on Property Rights Roderick T. Long Vol. 20 Num. 1
Carson's Rejoinders Kevin A. Carson Vol. 20 Num. 1

Volume 19

Democratizing the Middle East: A Conservative Perspective? Alexander J. Groth Vol. 19 Num. 4
It's the Economy, Stupid: Rudy Giuliani, the Wall Street Prosecutions, and the Recession of 1990-91 William L. Anderson Vol. 19 Num. 4
The Corporation at Issue, Part II: A Critique of Robert Hesson's In Defense of the Corporation and Proposed Conditions for Private Incorporation Piet-Hein van Eeghen Vol. 19 Num. 4
Susette Kelo, et al. v. City of New London, Connecticut Joseph F. Becker Vol. 19 Num. 4
Libertarianism and Legitimacy: A Reply to Huebert Randy E. Barnett Vol. 19 Num. 4
No Duty to Obey the State: Reply to Barnett J.H. Huebert Vol. 19 Num. 4
Review of Ayn Rand and Song of Russia: Communism and Anti-Communism in 1940s Hollywood by Robert Mayhew Stephen Cox Vol. 19 Num. 4
Review of Faith and Liberty: The Economic Thought of the Late Scholastics by Alejandro Chafuen Thomas E. Woods, Jr. Vol. 19 Num. 4
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