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Advancing the scholarship of liberty in the tradition of the Austrian School for 30 years

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The Mises Review is the quarterly review of literature in the social sciences, published since 1995. David Gordon is the critic and editor, and he covers new books in economics, politics, philosophy, and law. You can find the most recent Mises Review articles in his Mises Daily archive.

As a reviewer, David Gordon understands his first job: tell what the book is about. After that, no absurdity escapes his withering wit.

– Donald Livingston, Emory University





Classical Liberalism: The Unvanquished Ideal David Conway Winter 1996
Isaiah Berlin John Gray Winter 1996
Before Resorting to Politics Anthony de Jasay Winter 1996
Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life David Friedman Winter 1996
A Propensity to Self-Subversion Albert Hirschman Winter 1996
Expectations and the Meaning of Institutions: Essays in Economics Ludwig Lachmann Winter 1996
What Comes Next: The End of Big Government and the New Paradigm Ahead James Pinkerton Winter 1996