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The Ludwig von Mises Institute

Tu Ne Cede Malis

Advancing the scholarship of liberty in the tradition of the Austrian School for 30 years

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The Mises Review is the quarterly review of literature in the social sciences, published since 1995. David Gordon is the critic and editor, and he covers new books in economics, politics, philosophy, and law. You can find the most recent Mises Review articles in his Mises Daily archive.

As a reviewer, David Gordon understands his first job: tell what the book is about. After that, no absurdity escapes his withering wit.

– Donald Livingston, Emory University





Literature and the Economics of Liberty: Spontaneous Order in Culture Paul A. Cantor Fall 2009
Why Not Socialism? G.A. Cohen Fall 2009
Victor's Justice: From Nuremberg to Baghdad Danilo Zolo Fall 2009
Secular Philosophy and the Religious Temperament: Essays 2002–2008 Thomas Nagel Fall 2009
The Keynes Solution: The Path to Global Economic Prosperity Paul Davidson Fall 2009
You and the State: A Short Introduction to Political Philosophy Jan Narveson Fall 2009