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"If we wish to gain insight into the essence of nationality, we must proceed not from the nation but from the individual. We must ask ourselves what the national aspect of the individual person is and what determines his belonging to a particular nation. We then recognize immediately that this national aspect can be neither where he lives nor his attachment to a state."

[Originally published in German, 1919; English edition, New York University Press, 1983; on-line edition, Mises Institute, 2000, with the permission of Bettina B. Greaves.]

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Nation, State, and Economy

  1. Preface by Author (p. vii)
  2. Translator's Introduction by Leland B. Yeager (p. ix)
  3. Introduction (p. 1)

Nation and State

  1. Nation and Nationality
    1. The Nation as a Speech Community (p. 9)
    2. Dialect and Standard Language (p. 21)
    3. National Changes (p. 27)
  2. The Nationality Principle in Politics
    1. Liberal or Pacifistic Nationalism (p. 31)
    2. Militant or Imperialistic Nationalism
      1. The Nationality Question in Territories with Mixed Populations (p. 39)
      2. The Migration Problem and Nationalism (p. 56)
      3. The Roots of Imperialism (p. 77)
      4. Pacifism (p. 85)
    3. On the History of German Democracy
      1. Prussia (p. 97)
      2. Austria (p. 106)

War and the Economy

  1. The Economic Position of the Central Powers in the War (p. 133)
  2. War Socialism (p. 141)
  3. Autarky and Stockpiling (p. 147)
  4. The Economy's War Costs and the Inflation (p. 151)
  5. Covering the State's War Costs (p. 165)
  6. War Socialism and True Socialism (p. 171)

Socialism and Imperialism

  1. Socialism and its Opponents (p. 177)
  2. Socialism and Utopia (p. 183)
  3. Centralist and Syndicalist Socialism (p. 195)
  4. Socialist Imperialism (p. 203)

Concluding Observations

[This Mises e-book was prepared by Richard Perry]