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LUDWIG VON MISES (1881-1973) 
Chronological Bibliography
1965  Appointed Visiting Professor at Plano University (Texas). 



"The Gold Problem." The Freeman. Irvington, N.Y. 15:6(June 1965)3-8. Briefly defends the gold standard. 

Spanish translation: "El Problema del Oro." T?picos de Actualidad. Guatemala: Centro de Estudios en Econ?mico-Sociales. 6:109(September 1, 1965).
Reprinted in Free Market Economics: A Basic Reader. Bettina Bien Greaves, compiler. Irvington, N.Y.: Foundation for Economic Education. (1975)136-39.
Reprinted in Planning for Freedom, 4th ed., 1980.
Included in Freedom and Money (pamphlet). Irvington, N.Y.: Foundation for Economic Education (1988).



"Monopole--Dichtung und Wahrheit" [Monopoly--Fiction and Truth]. Monatsbl?tter f?r freiheitliche Wirtschaftspolitik. 11:1(January 1965)40-47. Part II of July 1964 lecture, Freiburg, Germany: "Eigentum an Produktionsmitteln in der Marktwirtschaft" [Private Ownership of the Means of Production in the Market Economy]. See above (1964) for Part I.

"Ein Wort zum Monopolpreisproblem" [A Word on the Monopoly-Price Problem]. Vom Sinn der Konzentration: Beitr?ge aus Wissenschaft und Praxis. Volkmar Muthesius zum 65, Geburtstag am 19.M?rz 1965. [On the Meaning of Concentration: Contributions to Theory and Practice. To Volkmar Muthesius on his 65th Birthday, March 19, 1965]. Frankfurt am Main: Fritz Knapp Verlag, 1965. 31-35. 

Reprinted in Monatsbl?tter f?r freiheitliche Wirtschaftspolitik. 11:5(May 1965)270-72.




"Observations on the Russian Reform Movement." The Freeman. 16:5(May 1966)23-29. Mises denies that the use of "market" incentives in the Soviet economy constitutes a genuine alteration of socialism. One cannot "play" at the market. Only a system of private enterprise can solve the calculation problem: the Russian economy could not function unless it used capitalist prices as approximations in its calculations. 

Included in The Libertarian Alternative: Essays in Social and Political Philosophy. Tibor R. Machan, ed.(Chicago: Nelson-Hall, 1974)343-49.
Included in Money, Method, and the Market Process.


"The Outlook for Saving and Investment." Farmand. Oslo(Norway). Anniversary issue(February 12, 1966)24-25. 

Spanish translation: "Perspectivas del Ahorro y la Inversi?n." Orientaci?n Econ?mica. Caracas: Instituto Venezolano de An?lisis Econ?mico y Social. 29(November 1968)29-30.
Spanish translation by Gustavo R. Velasco: "Perspectivas del Ahorro y la Inversion." Hoja de Informaci?n Econ?mica. Mexico: Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales y Econ?micas). 15:354(February 15, 1970).
Reprinted in Spanish: Boletin Semanal. Colombia. 5:222(October 5-12, 1970)14.
Reprinted in Spanish: Espejo. Mexico. 13:98(November-December, 1972)44-47.
Included in Economic Freedom and Interventionism.


"Some Observations on Current Economic Methods and Policies." Unpublished 16-page manuscript, dated June 14, 1966, found among Mises' papers. First published in Money, Method, and the Market Process.


"Wilhelm Roepke, RIP." National Review. New York. 18:10(March 8, 1966)200. Praises R?pke for a series of "brilliantly written books" that helped guide Germany to economic recovery after World War II. R?pke rightly perceived the danger of inflation. "In the midst of moral and intellectual decay, he was an inflexible harbinger of the return to reason, honesty and sound political practice." 

Spanish translation: "Descanse en Paz Wilhelm Roepke." Espejo. Mexico. 7:60(July-August 1966)12-14.
Spanish translation: "Wilhelm Roepke R.I.P." Ideas Sobre la Libertad. Buenos Aires: Centro de Estudios Sobre la Libertad. 7:23(October 1966)4-5.


"The Supremacy of the Market." The Freeman. New York. 16:10(October 1966)17-20. Excerpt from Planned Chaos 27-34.



"On the International Monetary Problem." American Opinion. Belmont, Mass. 10:2(March 1967)23-28. Gives a brief summary of the method of international exchange under the gold standard. The use of a pure gold standard drastically limits the ability of a nation to embark on inflationary policies: for this reason, proponents of managed economies oppose the gold standard. Mises strongly supports it. 

Spanish translation: "Consideraciones sobre el Problema Monetario Internacional." Ideas Sobre la Libertad. Buenos Aires: Centro de Estudios Sobre la Libertad. 9:25(November 1968)8-16.
Included in Economic Freedom and Interventionism.


"El Pr?ctico." Espejo. Mexico. 8:68(November-December, 1967)33-35. Spanish translation of an unidentified excerpt.

"Hundred Years of Marxian Socialism." Unpublished 29-page manuscript found among Mises' papers after his death. Written for presentation at the University of Chicago, January 24, 1967. Mises was unable to attend due to illness. This manuscript first published in Money, Method, and the Market Process.


"On Some Atavistic Economic Ideas." First published in French: "Du Caract?re Atavique de Quelques Id?es ?conomique." Les Fondements Philosophiques des Syst?mes ?conomiques. Festschrift for Jacques Rueff upon the occasion of his 70th birthday. Paris: Payot, 1967. 317-19. Included in Economic Freedom and Interventionism.



"Wirtschaft und Staat" [The Market and the State]. Schweizer Monatshefte. 48:1(April 1968)13-16. German translation of an English-language manuscript, "The Market and the State." 

English-language version: Medical Student: Family Doctor: Citizen. N.M. Camardese, ed. Ashland, Ohio: S mail Creative Printing, 1972. 205-09.
German-language version: "Wirtschaft und Staat." Monatsbl?tter f?r freiheitliche Wirtschaftspolitik. 14:6(June 1968)354-57.
Excerpt: "The Market and the State."(A Page on Freedom#27). The Freeman. Irvington, N.Y. 36:1(January 1986)4.
Spanish translation: "El Mercado y el Estado." Comercio e Industria. San Salvador. 1:48 (December 1989)70; La Prensa. Honduras. (March ?, 1990); Temas New York. 40:465 (December 30, 1989)37; and Libre Empresa. 1:3(March-April 1990)2.
Included in Economic Freedom and Interventionism.



1969   Cited by the American Economic Association as "Distinguished Fellow
 of the year." Retires as Visiting Professor at New York University.  



"Capitalism versus Socialism." The Intercollegiate Review. Bryn Mawr, Pa.: Intercollegiates Studies Institute. 5:3-4(Spring 1969)133-39. Mises reiterates his belief that economic calculation under socialism cannot work. Capitalism, by contrast, is to a great extent production of goods for the majority of the population. Included Money, Method, and the Market Process.


"On Current Monetary Problems." Lansing, Mich.: Constitutional Alliance, 1969. 30-page minibook. Interview of Mises by Percy L. Greaves, Jr. 

Spanish translation: "Sobre los Problemas Monetarios Actuales. Temas Contempor?neos (Mexico: Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales y Econ?micas). 20:238(August 15, 1974).
Included in Economic Freedom and Interventionism.


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