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Austrian Economics Research Conference 2013 (formerly ASC)

March 21-23 2013

Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama


(Students use the scholarship application form at the end of this page.)

The final schedule is here.

Watch the Named Lectures Live Here!

Audio recordings of all presentations will be available after the conference on 

The Austrian Economics Research Conference (formerly ASC) is the international, interdisciplinary meeting of the Austrian School, bringing together leading scholars doing research in this vibrant and influential intellectual tradition. The conference is hosted by the Ludwig von Mises Institute at its campus in Auburn, Alabama.     

The field of Austrian economics has grown dramatically since the first annual Austrian Scholars Conference in 1996. To recognize the increasing importance of Austrian economics research, not only within the university but also in research institutes and among business professionals, the Mises Institute has renamed its annual academic conference the Austrian Economics Research Conference. The aim is to focus more closely on the research tradition of Menger, Boehm-Bawerk, Mises, Hayek and Rothbard in economic theory, economic history, and political economy.                     Proposals for individual papers, complete paper sessions or symposia, and interactive workshops are encouraged. Papers should be well developed, but at a stage where they can still benefit from the group's discussion. Preference will be given to recent papers that have not been presented at major conferences. All topics related to Austrian economics, broadly conceived, and related social-science disciplines and business disciplines such as management, strategy, and entrepreneurship are appropriate for the conference. Proposals from junior faculty and PhD students are especially encouraged.

Besides paper sessions and symposia, the conference includes five named keynote lecturers and the awarding of the Lawrence W. Fertig Prize in Austrian Economics, and the O.P. Alford III Prize in Libertarian Scholarship.  Past lecturers have included Leland Yeager, Robert Higgs, Gene Epstein, David Stockman, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Caroline Baum, Gerald Steele, Nicolai Foss, Ronald Hamowy, Sudha Shenoy, Peter Schiff, Hunter Lewis, Jeremy Shearmur, and William Butos.

The conference is directed by Joseph Salerno, Professor of Economics at Pace University and Academic Vice President of the Mises Institute.  All proposals are peer reviewed 
by a conference acceptance committee..  To submit a proposal, send your information to the director. Proposals are due by December 31, 2012, and decisions will be communicated by January 31, 2013.

Unable to attend? MisesTV will be broadcasting the Named Lectures live.

Named Lectures

(Lecture titles tentative)

  • The Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture sponsored by Dr. Don Printz:   Dominick Armentano "Myths of Antitrust: Speak Truth to Power"

  • The Henry Hazlitt Memorial Lecture sponsored by James M. Rodney:  Robert Wenzel, EconomicPolicyJournal.com "An Examination of Key Factors in the Collapse of the Soviet Union"

  • The F.A. Hayek Memorial Lecture sponsored by Toby Baxendale: Nikolay Gertchev, European Commission, Brussels "From Monetary Nationalism to Monetary Imperialism: Fractional-Reserve Banking and the Inter-Government Cooperation"

  • The Murray N. Rothbard Memorial Lecture sponsored by Helio Beltrao: Brendan Brown, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International "The Global Curse of the Federal Reserve: How Its Monetary Virus Stimulates Destructive Waves of Irrational Exuberance and Depression"

  • The Lou Church Memorial Lecture sponsored by the Lou Church Foundation: Gary North, GaryNorth.com "How Come We're So Rich?"


For a hotel room at Auburn University Hotel phone 1-800-228-2876 or 334-821-8200 before February 28. Be sure to mention Austrian Economics Research Conference of the Mises Institute for the special rate of $114 plus tax (for single or double room). If Auburn University Hotel is full, we recommend Auburn GameDay Center around the corner from the Mises Institute, and be sure to mention you are with the Institute. If you are driving there are other hotels in the Auburn area that are not within walking distance of the Mises Institute. 

For Faculty, the registration fee is $285. The registration fee for Member Observers is $395 per person ($695 per couple), or $475 per person for Non-Members. Become a Member for $50 and register today at the Member price. (Call 800-636-4737 to check if your Membership is current.) Registration covers all sessions, three buffet dinners, coffee breaks, and daily shuttles between AU Hotel and the Institute.

A very limited number of scholarships are available for qualified full-time students, including complimentary sessions and dinners.  To apply, submit the application form below, with a copy of student ID.  Student scholarships do not include accommodations.

There is a non-refundable registration processing fee of $25 for cancellations of paid registrations. Contact Patricia Barnett with questions.

Apply for scholarship (students)  (Open the file in Adobe Acrobat and save completed form as pdf on your computer.  Email the saved form and a copy of your student ID to scholarships@mises.org or fax to 734-448-8148.)
Shuttle between Atlanta airport and Auburn
Driving directions to Auburn




We have a number of exciting speakers and panels scheduled for the Austrian Economics Research Conference 2013.  This year marks the 40th anniversary of Dominick Armentano's landmark book in applied Austrian microeconomics, The Myths of Antitrust (later republished under the title Antitrust and Monopoly: Anatomy of a Policy Failure). Professor Armentano will give his reflections on his book and the current state of antitrust theory and policy as the Ludwig von Mises lecturer, and there will be a session evaluating the significance and impact of his work.  

2013 is the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Murray Rothbard's classic America's Great Depression.  To help us honor this event Dr. Brendan Brown, a leading financial economist in the City of London and noted author of the book The Global Curse of the Federal Reserve will be presenting the Murray N. Rothbard Lecture on "The Global Curse of the Federal Reserve: How Money Powers Irrational Exuberance and Depression."  There will also be a panel focusing on the growing influence of Rothbard's book on academic economists and financial practitioners trying to come to grips with the financial crisis and its aftermath.  

Robert Wenzel of Economic Policy Journal, the leading commentator on economic policy from an Austrian perspective, will be delivering the Henry Hazlitt Lecture.  The Friedrich A. Hayek Lecture will be given by Dr. Nikolay Gertchev, a former Mises Institute Fellow and now an economist at the European Commission whose duties involve monitoring and reporting on financial conditions in EU member states.  Dr. Gary North of GaryNorth.com will present the Lou Church Memorial Lecture.  

If you have never been to the ASC, I encourage you to attend the AERC this year. Papers and books that advance the Austrian School are presented here for the first time, which gives you the chance to discuss ideas with presenters and participants and make an important contribution to impacting the future of the School. If you are looking for comments on a paper, or just a chance to bounce some ideas off others who know something other than the latest mathematical wizardry of the profession, this is the place.

This is also the ideal setting for making professional contacts that will help you through the years. Your expertise and interests are highly valued by others. In addition, we always have a great time. There is no substitute for the intellectual stimulation and personal camaraderie that the Austrian Economics Research Conference combines into one event.

Write me with your submissions.  Abstracts should be limited to 250 words.

Joseph Salerno
Professor of Economics, Pace University
Academic Vice President, Mises Institute


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