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Why Austrian Economics Matters: High-School Seminar in Chicago (Sponsored by Jeremy Davis)

April 8

Chicago, Illinois

The Mises Institute educates young students through our website and publications. Here is a half-day seminar just for high-school students -- with a particular focus on homeschoolers.

Main Lounge, Second Floor, Union League Club of Chicago, 65 West Jackson Boulevard


9:30 a.m.    Registration and coffee
10:00 a.m.  Welcome
10:15 a.m.  Douglas French, "The Division of Labor and Finding Your Niche"
10:45 a.m.  Walter Block, "Why Minimum Wage is Keeping You from Getting a Job"
11:15 a.m.  Discussion and refreshments
11:30 a.m.  Pasha Roberts "Silver Circle - The Independent Film and Graphic Novel"
11:50 a.m.  Yuri Maltsev "Socialism: Utopia and Reality"
12:20 p.m.  All-speaker Panel with Q&A
12:45 p.m.  Adjourn

There is no charge at all for this event, but you must register with us. It does provide an excellent introduction to the whole field of economics and why it matters to understand history and society and the ups and downs of civilization itself. Without economic understanding, we are left without a critical tool for understanding vast amounts of the social sciences.

The high-school years are the perfect time to begin to introduce economic logic as a discipline. But too often, economics is presented as if it has nothing to do with real life. In fact, it is important to every area of life, as this seminar will show. 

The seminar takes place at the beautiful and historical Union League Club of Chicago.   Registration is complimentary and is open to all public, private, and homeschooled high-school students and their chaperones.  To register, submit the form at the end of this page or call Kristy Holmes at 334-321-2101.  

Students or their chaperones wishing to purchase books can visit the Mises Circle Bookstore on Saturday, April 9 at the Union League Club.

Dress code at Union League Club:  collared shirts, khakis or dress slacks/skirts.  No jeans or t-shirts.  No tennis shoes.  No sandals.   For more information go here.  

Parking:  For driving directions and parking information, go here.

Accommodations:  Call the Union League Club before March 18 at 312-427-7800 or 800-443-0578 and mention the Mises Institute for a special rate of $150 per night plus service charge.

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