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Economic Science and the Austrian Method 

Hans-Herman Hoppe 

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Praxeology and Economic Science:

Sec I  : "It is well-known that Austrians disagree strongly with other schools of economic thought..."

Sec II  : "Non-praxeological schools of thought mistakenly believe that relationships between certain events are well-established empirical laws..."

On Praxeology and the Praxeological Foundation of Epistemology

Sec I  : "As have most great and innovative economists, Ludwig von Mises intensively and repeatedly analyzed the problem of the logical status of economic propositions..."

Sec II  : "Let me turn to Mises's solution..."

Sec III  : "I shall now turn to my second goal: the explanation of why and how praxeology also provides the foundation for epistemology..."

Sec IV  : "In so establishing the place of praxeology proper, I have come full circle in outlining the system of rationalist philosophy as ultimately grounded in the action axiom..."