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Awake For Freedom's Sake - Digital Book

Awake For Freedom's Sake - Digital Book

This professionally prepared ebook is an electronic edition of the book that is designed for reading on digital readers like Nook, Kindle, iPad, Sony Reader, and other products including iPhone and Android smart phones. The text re-flows depending on your font preferences and it contains links from navigation.

“Progression or advancement never graces anyone who succumbs to the notion that he has arrived—“has it made,” as we say. This mortal moment, if seen aright, is featured by growth in awareness, perception consciousness, day in and day out. To act otherwise is to write one’s own death sentence-life’s high purpose abandoned. It is well to remember that “tall oaks from little acorns grow,” and that emerging, evolving man spawns from “ye that dwell in dust.” Let each of us confess that this is our dwelling. To “awake and sing” is the appropriate ambition!”

Updated 1/29/2013