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Pursue the Cause of Liberty: A Farewell to Congress

Pursue the Cause of Liberty: A Farewell to Congress

This is Ron Paul's "Farewell to Congress" delivered on November 14th, 2012. Yet this is not reminiscence of good times spent in the halls of power. Rather, in this booklet, you will find a devastating denunciation of the evils perpetrated by the Federal government and the "psychopathic authoritarians" who seek to swell its power, as well as a clarion call for what he calls an "intellectual awakening" and a return to freedom. Dr. Paul sums up and presents with strong conviction the principles he has held fast to during his entire career. Neither is this a "retirement speech". Rather this is a "goodbye to all that", as he kicks Washington's dirt off his feet, and enters what is sure to be the most productive period of his life. Fittingly, Lew Rockwell writes the moving introduction:

Ron is the anti-politician. He tells unfashionable truths, educates rather than flatters the public, and stands up for principle even when the whole world is arrayed against him. It’s Ron’s truth-telling and his urge to educate the public that should inspire us as we carry on into the future.

At this price Dr. Paul's farewell speech is the perfect book to give as handouts to both inspire and educate. Also the digital edition is great for reference on your eReader device. Please contact us concerning bulk discounts. (Tel: 334.321.2105 email: custserv@mises.com )

Updated 3/7/2013