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Liberty Magazine 5.1

Liberty Magazine 5.1
The Real Clarence Thomas, R.W. Bradford and James Taggart; Monumental Destruction, Frank Fox; Experimenting with Marijuana, Robert O'Boyle; Gross National Product: A Bogus Idea?, R.W. Bradford; Buying Gasoline in Ethiopia, Robert Miller; When Bombs are Smarter than People, Bart Kosko; The Unraveling of Canada, Scott Reid; The Suicide of Canadian Culture, Barry Chamish; 50 Really Stupid Ways to Save the Earth, Karl Hess; Persuasion versus Force, Mark Skousen; The Phylogeny and Ontogeny of Rights, James McClarin; The Gospel of Duty, According to Buckley, William Moulton; Respecting the Unrespectable, John Hospers; The War of the Words, Sheldon Richman; Art and Literature: Retail and Wholesale, Richard Kostelanetz
Publication Information September 1991
Updated 10/16/2011