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Liberty Magazine 11.1

Liberty Magazine 11.1
Liberty's First Ten Years; The Standard Raised, Stephen Cox; Why Liberty; AT Liberty, R.W. Bradford; Yes, Gambling Is Productive and Rational, David Ramsay Steele; Circus Taximus, Michelle Malkin; A Rebel and a Drummer, Scott Bullock; The Pest of the Alternative Press, Brian Doherty; Tobacco's Show Trial, Robert Higgs; Where There's Smoke There's Liars, Loren Lomasky; The Weak Case for Government Schooling, David Friedman; Gun-Point Democracy in Africa, George Ayittey; Pandering to a Dead Dynasty, Tom G. Palmer; Documenting Disaster, Gary Alexander; The Economics of Real Life, Richard Kostelanetz; The China Demon, Leon Hadar; Margin for Error, John Hospers
Publication Information September 1997
Updated 10/16/2011