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Liberty Magazine 1.4

Liberty Magazine 1.4
Freedom for the Adventurous, William Cate; The Majority vs. the Majoritarian: Robert Bork on Trial, Sheldon Richman; Libertarians, Moralism, and Absurdity, Ethan O. Waters; Free Speech & the Future of Medicine, Sandy Shaw and Durk Pearson; Game vs. Game, Raul Santana; The Crash of 1987, Liberty's Editors and Contirbutors; Strange Bedfellows: the Libertarian/Conservative Misalliance, John Dentinger; Freedom Is for Everyone, Murray Rothbard; Can Computers Save the World?, Ross Overbeek; Me and the Eiger, Murrary Rothbard; Blood in the Streets, R.W. Bradford; In Search of Melancholy Baby, Mike Holmes; Murray Bookchin, Terry Inman; Going Beyond Gideons, Stephen Cox
Publication Information March 1988
Updated 10/16/2011