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Liberty Magazine 4.4

Liberty Magazine 4.4
The Myth of War Prosperity, Robert Higgs; Conservatism and Libertarianism, Richard Weaver; Keep the Hot Side Tepid, R.W. Bradford and John Baden; Shadows in the Future, Frank Fox; The Way We Are, Stephen Cox; Beijing Memo / Something To Be Said, W. Luther Jett; Au Naturel Rights, David Danielson; Freedom Now, Linda Locke; The Woman vs. the State, William Holtz; The Love of Money and the Root of Evil, Christopher Faille; Downloading the Three Rs, David Friedman; The "Science" of Catastrophe, Jane Shaw; Old Whine in New Bottles, Jan Narveson; The Illusion of Expertise, Richard Kostelanetz; The Man Who Would Be President, Krzysztof Ostaszewski; A Plan for Poland, Stan Tyminski
Publication Information March 1991
Updated 10/16/2011