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Liberty Magazine 13.3

Liberty Magazine 13.3
Impeaching the President: It's Time to Move On With Our Lies, Stephen Cox; Impeach Michael Jordan, Alan Bock; Clinton's Sticky Wicket, Loren Lomasky; NOW, Hear This!; An American Comedy, R.W. Bradford; Peace on Earth, David Hackworth; The Deconstitutionalized Zone, John S. Robey; Fighting Over Ayn Rand's Papers, Eric D. Dixon; The Selling of Ayn Rand's Papers, R.W. Bradford; Zimbabwe: The Snake Eats Its Tail; Len Brewster; The Intelligent Man's Guide to Perjury, David Kopel; The Y2K "Crisis": Emergency Planning or Planning an Emergency?, Declan McCullagh and Solveig Singleton; The People Strike Back, Paul Armentano; The Rise of the New Libertarianism, R.W. Bradford; The Match of the Century, Mark Skousen; Affirmative Reaction, Hal Arkes; Artful Obscurity, Richard Kostelanetz; Let My Creatures Go, Timothy Virkkala
Publication Information March 1999
Updated 10/17/2011