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Liberty Magazine 5.5

Liberty Magazine 5.5
Bill Clinton: Super Statesman, Chester Alan Arthur; Cruel and Unusual Decision?, James Taggart; Divorce, Czechoslovak Style, Ron Lipp and Vojtech Cepl; Eastern Eyes, J. Peter Saint-André; Little Czech Man, Frank Fox; NYSE at 200, Gary Alexander; The Cost of Kids, Karl Hess; Workers in a Free Labor Market, Mark Tier; The Human Race Emerges, Vernon L. Smith; There's No Such Thing as the Environment, William Dennis; Why I Won't Live in Disco Bay, R.K. Lamb; The Optimal Number of Criminals, J. Orlin Grabbe; H.L. Mencken: Libertarian or Conservative?; Who Is Richard Rorty?, David Horowitz and Daniel Klein; The Sex Lives of Animals, Kyle Rothweiler; The Triumph of the Indistinguishable, Richard Kostelanetz; The Line on Nightline, Eric Banfield
Publication Information May 1992
Updated 10/16/2011