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Liberty Magazine 11.5

Liberty Magazine 11.5
Clinton's Follies, Liberty's Editors; The DEA Wishes Me a Nice Day, Peter McWilliams; Freedom and Madness, Thomas S. Szasz; The Temptation of Bill Gates, Brien Bartels; Free Speech for Software Writers, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw; The Empire Strikes Out, Alan Bock; How the EPA Made us Rich, Ben Bolch and Bradford Pendley; The Pontiff's Polemic, James M. Vinoski; The Fading Myth of JFK, R.W. Bradford; Fool Britannia, Martin Quoile; A Public History of the Campaigns That Failed, Mark Brady; Simplicity Rules, John Hospers; The Closing of the Japanese Mind, Michael J. Oakes; Making Sense of a Life, R.W. Bradford; The Number of the Best, Richard Kostelanetz; Science Fiction Fandom Strikes Back, Victor Koman, Rex F. May, Michael Grossman, and Victor Varga
Publication Information May 1998
Updated 10/16/2011