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Liberty Magazine 16.11

Liberty Magazine 16.11
On the Road with Ed Thompson, Tim Slagle; Independent in Virginia, Ken Sturzenacker; Beyond the R's and D's, Chester Alan Arthur; Ms. Coddington Goes to Wellington, Deborah Coddington; Science vs. the State: The Case of Kennewick Man, Timothy Sandefur; How Fat Are We?, Randal O'Toole; Shakedown in Johannesburg, Robert H. Nelson; Regulator, Unbundle Thyself, Ted Roberts; The Party's Over?, R.W. Bradford; Is the State Dispensable?, Kyle Swan; The Soul of an Economist, Jane S. Shaw; Literary Neighborhoods, Richard Kostelanetz; Prophet of Liberty, Martin Morse Wooster
Publication Information November 2002
Updated 10/17/2011