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Liberty Magazine 13.6

Liberty Magazine 13.6
The War in Kosovo; The Real Kosovo Tragedy, David Ramsay Steele; Serbs Up!, Stephen Cox; Indigestion in Europe's Soft Underbelly, Alan Bock; The Case for Intervention, Luis Garcia Dopico; Learning from the Balkans, Leland Yeager; Uniformed Code of Silence, Steven Philbrick; Sympathy for the Stones, Sarah McCarthy; The Dictator as Hero?, Adrian Day; The World vs. the World's Only Superpower, Leon Hadar; Libertarianism Transformed; Axioms and Egoisms, John Hospers; Morality, State, and Anarchy, Barry Loberfeld; It Really Didn't Begin with Roy Childs, R.W. Bradford; The Statistics Don't Lie, Sharon Presley; A Paean to Property, Martin Solomon; Revolutionary Personae, Stephen Cox; Up From Behaviorism, Bruce Ramsey; The Man on the $10 Bill, Martin Morse Wooster
Publication Information June 1999
Updated 10/17/2011