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Liberty Magazine 15.4

Liberty Magazine 15.4
The Importance of Being President, by R.W. Bradford; Tribute to an Accidental Libertarian, by William E. Merritt; The Embodiment of Entitlement, by Stephen Cox; Good-bye to the Black Helicopter and All That, by Sarah J. McCarthy; Robbing Peter to Pay Mary, by Samuel Silver; The Dark Side of Israel, by Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad; The Human Genome War, by Timothy Sandefur; What the Second Amendment Means, by Dave Kopel; Uruguay Kicks the Socialist Habit, by Thomas S. Garlinghouse; Football Stadiums, Swimming Pools, and the Triumph of the Left, by Robert Festa; Divided We Stand, by Wesley A. Riddle; The Abortion Conundrum, by Sarah J. McCarthy.
Publication Information April 2001
Updated 10/16/2011