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American Affairs, Volume VII, Number 4

American Affairs, Volume VII, Number 4
National Industrial Conference Board American Affairs, Vol VII, no 4, 1945
Publication Information God and Caesar, John Murray and L.P. Jacks; Frame of the Future for American, Virgil Jordan; Notes on the Yankee Dollar, GG; Reconversion 1918-194, Wilson and Truman; The Detroit Formula; The Right to a Job, R.E. Flander and H.W. Prents; A Catholic Prayer for Full Employment, Rev. Ralph A Gallagher; Drama of a Man in the Atomic Age, Robert J.G. Boothby; Science, Before and After, G.G; Government by Propaganda, Taft; Moments with Laski; GG's obit on Nock; The California Delemma, Samuel G. May; Great Britain, B. Seehohm Rowntree;
Updated 11/15/2007