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Making Economic Sense

by Murray N. Rothbard (Auburn, AL: Mises Institute, 1995)
(Also available in a palm-pilot edition and an offline edition)
Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995)


Preface by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr 

Making Economic Sense

Is It the "Economy, Stupid"? 
Ten Great Economic Myths 
Discussing the "Issues" 
Creative Economic Semantics 
Chaos Theory 
Statistics: Destroyed From Within? 
The Consequences of Human Action
The Interest Rate Question 
Are Savings Too Low? 
A Walk on the Supply Side 
Keynesian Myths 
Keynesianism Redux 

The Socialism of Welfare

Economic Incentives and Welfare 
Welfare as We Don't Know It 
The Infant Mortality "Crisis" 
The Homeless and the Hungry 
Rioting for Rage, Fun, and Profit 
The Social Security Swindle 
Roots of the Insurance Crisis 
Government Medical "Insurance" 
The Neocon Welfare State 
By Their Fruits 
The Politics of Famine 
Government vs. Natural Resources 
Environmentalists Clobber Texas 
Government and Hurricane Hugo: A Deadly Combination 
The Water Is Not Running 

Politics as Economic Violence

Rethinking the '80s 
Bush and Dukakis: Ideologically Inseparable 
Perot, The Constitution, and Direct Democracy 
The Flag Flap 
Clintonomics: The Prospect 
Clintonomics Revealed 
Price Controls are Back! 
The Health Plan's Devilish Principles 
Outlawing Jobs: The Minimum Wage, Once More 
The Union Problem 
The Legacy of Cesar Chavez 
What To Do Until Privatization Comes 
Population "Control" 
The Economics of Gun Control 
Vouchers: What Went Wrong? 
The Whiskey Rebellion: A Model for Our Time? 
Eisnerizing Manassas 

Enterprise under Attack

Stocks, Bonds, and Rule by Fools 
The Salomon Brothers Scandal 
Nine Myths About the Crash 
Michael R. Milken vs. The Power Elite 
Panic on Wall Street 
Government-Business "Partnerships" 
Airport Congestion: A Case of Market Failure? 
The Specter of Airline Re-Regulation 
Competition at Work: Xerox at 25 
The War on the Car 

Fiscal Mysteries Revealed

Are We Undertaxed? 
The Return of the Tax Credit 
Deductibility and Subsidy 
That Gasoline Tax 
Babbitry and Taxes: A Profile in Courage? 
Flat Tax or Flat Taxpayer? 
Mrs. Thatcher's Poll Tax 
Exit the Iron Lady 
The Budget Crisis 
The Balanced-Budget Amendment Hoax 

Economic Ups and Downs

The National Bureau and Business Cycles 
Inflationary Recession, Once More 
Deflation, Free or Compulsory 
Bush and the Recession 
Lessons of the Recession 

The Fiat Money Plague

The World Currency Crisis 
New International Monetary Scheme 
"Attacking" the Franc 
Back to Fixed Exchange Rates 
The Cross of Fixed Exchange Rates 
The Keynesian Dream 
Money Inflation and Price Inflation 
Bank Crisis! 
Anatomy of the Bank Run 
Q & A on the S & L Mess 
Inflation Redux 
Inflation and the Spin Doctors 
Alan Greenspan: A Minority Report on the Fed Chairman 
The Mysterious Fed 
First Step Back to Gold 

Economics Beyond the Borders

"Free Trade" in Perspective 
The Nafta Myth 
Is There Life After Nafta? 
"Fairness" and the Steel Steal 
The Crusade Against South Africa 
Are Diamonds Really Forever? 
Oil Prices Again 
Why the Intervention in Arabia? 
A Trip to Poland 
Peru and the Free Market 
A Gold Standard for Russia? 
Should We Bail Out Gorby? 
Welcoming the Vietnamese 

The End of Collectivism

The Collapse of Socialism 
The Freedom Revolution 
How to Desocialize? 
A Radical Prescription for the Socialist Bloc 
A Socialist Stock Market? 
The Glorious Postwar World 
The Revolution Comes Home 
The Trouble with the Quick Fix 

Our Intellectual Debts

William Harold Hutt: 1899-1988 
Friedrich August von Hayek: 1899-1992 
V. Orval Watts: 1898-1993 
Margit von Mises: 1890-1993 
The Story of the Mises Institute 


The November Revolution . . . And What to Do About It 
List of Articles 

This Rothbard ebook was prepared by Ryan Henrie